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As an owner, you have to pay a lot of attention to your cut-flowers, and we are sure that it is rewarding and amusing. Don’t let any of your flowers go to waste instantly because here at Sarah’s Florist, we provide you with care tips that will guide you through this journey.


Guide and Care Tips to Flowers​:

Clean your vase frequently

As a flower owner one of your duties is maintaining the cleanliness of your vase. This care tip prevents the development of bacteria and viruses that can kill your cut flowers one by one. To do so, you have to replace the water frequently. You don’t want to leave your vase to dry without properly cleaning it as these bacteria and viruses may target another set of your new bouquets in no time. In cleaning your vase, you can use a quarter of warm water, and fill it with cold water to not dry out your flowers.

Change your flowers’ water regularly to hydrate them

Part of taking care of your blooms is by feeding them. As living entities, they also require to be hydrated, which will come from water. You have to change the water in your vase at least every other day to make sure that the flowers are taking up as much water as they need to survive. This will also ensure that your blooms will last longer, and they will stay fresh and healthy for a longer period. By doing this, it also helps your blooms from smelling awful and rotten. Pour a little amount of sugar into the water. This helps to nourish the flowers and boosts the opening of the blooms. Add a little amount of vinegar or lemon juice and stir properly. This helps obstruct the growth of bacteria and viruses and keeps your flowers fresher for a longer period.

Remove lower leaves to prevent it from sticking into the water

Remove the leaves of your cut flowers so there won’t be any in the water. In case you see any dried leaves,remove them as soon as you notice them before putting the flowers back into the vase so that your flowers will remain fresh and healthy for a much longer time. By following this simple care tip, it will help your flowers’ fresh stems to absorb a better amount of water faster and better. This will result in having beautiful and hydrated blooms.

Don’t use dull knives to cut, only use sharp knives

Do not ever try to cut the stems of your flowers with a dull knife because it will surely damage the flowers’ tissue. It will also affect the water absorption process of your lovely flowers because it will hinder it. Lastly, when you are going to cut the lower end of your flowers’ stems, always take one or two inches off of them in an angle while they are under the water. Never cut your stems straight!

Keep in Good Temperature

With this care tip, you have to put a lot of thought into where you are going to be placing your beautiful floral arrangements. You should never put them under direct sunlight, as this will make the flowers dry out more quickly. Nor should they be placed in a too cold environment.

Keep Away from Toxic Environment

Like humans, flowers are also sensitive to cigarettes and poisonous materials. That’s why we need to keep them away from toxic fumes and radiations. A polluted environment can destroy them so let them have fresh and clean air.